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  The Grace Award

The Grace Award is named both for the first recipient, Grace Hiddleson, and for the virtues of grace exemplified by The Three Graces in western mythology that inspired qualities such as Excellence, Service to another, Charity, Mercy, Love, Gentleness, or Friendship. The award is given annually to a volunteer(s) who have excelled in their compassionate service to the elderly and their caregivers.

Grace Hiddleson at 2004
Grace Award Ceremony

2014 - Constance Stevens
2013 - Mark Restrepo
2012 - Jim & Pat Hutchinson

2011 - Martha Dickman
2010 - Nancy Hardaker

2009 - Brenda Dupong and Noreen Ott
2008 - Beverly Payne
2007 - Petra Dauer
2006 - Mary Velinsky
2005 - Kay Krieger
2004 - Grace Hiddleson