2015 Grace Award presented to Keith vonBorstel

By action of the CWC Board of Directors the 2015 Grace Award was awarded to Keith vonBorstel, recognizing his outstanding service to the community, to CWC and to all the elderly patients he has helped while always displaying the personal qualities for which the award is named.
GraceAwardwebpageapril15 page1 image1Keith started volunteering for CWC in July of 2011. To date, he’s put in over 553 hours of service and has visited with five clients. About a year into his work with CWC, he took on two clients and has had two clients since then. It was his goal to focus on the caregivers so he really likes to provide respite (as opposed to a friendly visit situation). He’s always been willing to take on challenging situations and is very good about communicating with the nurse if he feels his clients/caregivers need assistance or advice. He found out about CWC when he attended our BeerFest and he attends them regularly.

My Old Guys

My first three “old guys” died,
Now I visit two more.
They’re declining, too.
When they die I’ll find
two more…

So what am I doing?
They all die.
But we have lunch and workout
and ride bikes
And we’re friends.

I provide respite for
their caregivers,
A useful thing.
Caregivers live longer
with a little help.

The really big picture:
If everyone in the world
one person a little every day
that would be over 7 billion good acts
a day,
49 billion a week,
196 billion per month and
2.555 trillion per year.
It would make a big

difference to everyone
including you and me.

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