2016 Grace Award presented to Judy Schumacher

graceAward2016 judySchumacherCWC's Grace Award was started in 2004 by Evelyn Buddenhagen and named for a devoted CWC volunteer, Grace Hiddleson, who was the first recipient of the award. The name of the award refers both to Ms. Hiddleson and to the virtues of grace exemplified by "the Three Graces" of western mythology that inspired qualities such as; Excellence, Service to another, Charity, Mercy, Love, and Gentleness or Friendship. The award is given annually to a volunteer(s) who have excelled in their compassionate service to the elderly and their caregivers.

By action of the CWC Board of Directors the 2016 Grace Award has been awarded to Judy Schumacher, recognizing her outstanding service to the community, to CWC, and to all the elderly clients she has helped while displaying the personal qualities for which the award is named. Judy has donated 756 hours of volunteer service to CWC.

Judy Schumacher became part of CWC in 2006 as a caregiver receiving re- spite. She was taking care of her mother, Catherine, in her home in Woodland. Af- ter her mother passed, she became a CWC volunteer in April of 2009 in our Woodland In-Home Respite and Friendly Visiting Program and has had several clients since. As a retired nurse, she has taken care of many over the years and continues to do so with the two clients that she currently visits. One of her assignments hasn't needed respite for awhile as she had family visiting, but Judy has maintained communication with the caregiver on the phone giving a much needed opportunity for the caregiver to talk to someone who is safe and non-judgmental. Judy has been visiting one of her clients for over five years and the other for over three years.

Judy can be seen with one of her clients in the video that is on the CWC website.


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