2017 Grace Award presented to Phoebe Anderson

PhoebeAtSatClubCWC's Grace Award is named for a devoted CWC volunteer, Grace Hiddleson, who was the first recipient of the award. The name of the award refers both to Ms. Hiddleson and to the virtues of grace exemplified by "the Three Graces" of western mythology that inspired qualities such as; Excellence, Service to another, Charity, Mercy, Love, and Gentleness or Friendship. The award is given annually to a volunteer(s).

By action of the CWC Board of Directors the 2017 Grace Award has been awarded to Phoebe Anderson, recognizing her out- standing service to all the elderly clients she has helped while dis- playing the personal qualities for which the award is named. Her husband's caregiver, Phoebe started receiving CWC services in 2010. In 2012, her husband, Gene, passed away and her husband's volunteer, Hibbard Williams, kept in touch with her for support.

Phoebe soon let it be known that she would like to volunteer for CWC too. In 2015, she started volunteering with our In-home Respite and Friendly Visitor program by filling in for a UCD student volunteer who was going to be gone for the summer during her school break. Once the student resumed visits, Phoebe continued to visit the client from time to time. Later that year she started visiting another client for a few months, until that client moved to a SNF in Woodland. Phoebe doesn't drive to Woodland.
In June of 2015, Phoebe also started volunteering at Satur- day Club leading arts & crafts activities and chair exercises with the clients on a regular basis. In June of 2016, Phoebe went back to visiting her original client when the student that was visiting was no longer able to volunteer. She is still visiting with that client currently. Phoebe has always been very supportive and appreciative of the services CWC has to offer.

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