Transportation for Older Adults

Transportation for older adults is a huge issue all over the United States. Many older people no longer drive, public transportation, like fixed route buses and trains, can be difficult to manage if mobility or some other accessibility issue is present, and finances are often tight so taxis, though convenient, may be cost prohibitive. Below are some local optionsto choose from if you are dealing with any of these concerns. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find an option that works well for you.

Door to door transportation services:

Yolobus Special has a nominal fee for service to individuals who aren’t able to use the fixed route buses due to a disability or health issue; eligibility requirements must be met. Reservations are required.

Davis Community Transit is a free paratransit service for individuals that have a disability and meet the eligibility requirements. Reservations are required.

Woodland Community Care Car is a service car that provides rides to older adults within the Woodland city limits. Donations are encouraged but not required. Reservations are required.


There are a variety of taxi companies in the different cities that you can use for same day travel with no reservation requirement. Fees are more substantial than public transportation.

Uber is the newest and most convenient transportation option. It is the same as taking an inexpensive, safe taxi ride. uberASSIST is a specially designed Uber service for the individual with mobility or accessibility issues. To access this service, you must have a smart phone. After you download the Uber app on your smart phone and place a credit card on file, you can use this service. Money is transferred by phone so there is no cash transaction when you get into the Uber car. It is cheaper and faster than a taxi (they pick you up within minutes of you making the Uber car request). And uberASSIST drivers have had training and/or at least 1 year of experience driving people with disabilities. Additionally, their cars are able to store folding wheelchairs, walkers, or scooters. To get an estimate on the cost of your travel destination, go to To learn more about uberASSIST, go to Uber might also be a good option for longer rides (ie. San Francisco) if the train/bus system doesn’t work for you.

West Sacramento Community Center Shuttle is a shuttle for older adults who need transportation from home to selected shopping centers or to the West Sacramento Community Center.

Non door-to-door transportation services

Yolobus offers fixed route public buses
that travel around Davis, Woodland, Winters, West Sacramento, Knights Landing, Dunnigan, Yolo, Cache Creek Casino, downtown Sacramento, and Vacaville. No reservations are required.

Unitrans is a university run bus system driven by university students on a fixed route around Davis. No reservations are required.

Amtrak is a train that runs throughout the United States with stops in Davis and Sacramento.

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